Goral Footwear: inspired by the past, designed for the present, built for the future.

Here at Goral, we are supporters of sustainability, our shoes are made to the highest quality allowing them to last way past the standard lifecycle of cheaper, fast fashion brands. With only 2 drops per year, our focus is on product innovation and superior quality. We limit the lines we produce to ensure, minimum waste and authenticity in our product. 
In a world of disposable fashion, more and more consumers are turning to quality products that last. The past 30 years have seen an increase in this unsustainable, fast fashion model and with consumer waste at an all-time high, the need for quality over quantity has become a necessity.
The world's population in 2019 currently stands at 7.7 billion, this has more than doubled since the 1960s and is predicted to grow by way over an additional billion by 2025. The world just can’t sustain this growth and the additional waste created by each of these individuals. Specialists predict that there are only 12 years to tackle the damaging climate change. Meaning the effect these fast fashion companies have on the environment is at a critical stage.  
fast fashion | combating the fast fashion economy
In order to drive consumers to a new era of selecting key pieces over mass wardrobe purchases, our products have to live up to the day to day wear and tear. We spend months testing our fabrics and techniques and never let a pair of sneakers leave the factory until we are 100% satisfied they will live up to our excruciatingly high standards. We know that when our sneakers arrive with a customer they will instantly notice the quality and passion crafted into each pair. Handcrafted in our family factory in Sheffield, England, we control the entire manufacturing process from design to final quality control.
‘Our mission is to craft footwear that provide our customers with support, longevity and a sense of pride. When you put on Goral footwear, you don’t need to see the logo to know it’s been made by our factory. Our products are made to last, customers can spend all year in their Goral sneakers with no need to invest in another pair. Inevitably the sneaker will need replacing but we go above and beyond to ensure the longevity of our footwear via our aftercare advice, dust bag and sourcing robust, high-quality leathers’
We have seen huge support over the past year from the likes of Drapers and The Royal Family. We are ever thankful we have the ability to produce such a high standard of product and appreciate every sale we receive. We are constantly revising our methods to ensure we are at the for the front of innovation in sustainable manufacture, customer service, and product development.
Goral | Sheffield factory Royal Family Visit
We appreciate we don’t come with a bog standard high street price tag, but then we are no bog-standard brand. We invest as much passion for our customers as they do for our products.


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