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‘If you’re looking for a differentiator in the white sneaker market, then the search is over’The best white sneakers for men | Goral footwear

The most difficult part of finding a unique pair of white low top sneakers, is finding a unique pair of white low top sneakers. From the vast array of minimalist kicks, it’s difficult to find an original take on this iconic silhouette. Introducing The Mellor..

Okay, so from first glance you may be thinking that aesthetically The Mellor looks, not unlike many other white low tops already on the market, however when you get under the bonnet of this sleek, minimalist sneaker you will uncover the real differentiator.

british craftsmanship

Handcrafted in England. The Mellor low top is moulded by age old techniques passed down through generations of the Goral family. This level of craftsmanship can’t be replicated via mass market manufacturing, as the saying goes ‘the devil is in the detail’ and this is something we pride ourselves on.

Maximum comfort. When you first slide into The Mellor it feels bespoke, as if the sneaker has been custom made. The level of comfort from the padded collar, hugs the heel and offers maximum cushioned support. Unlike many fashion trainers, The Mellor offers exquisite design and unrivalled comfort.

local British materials

Local materials. We originally looked to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing local leathers, however we found that not only could we reduce our footprint, but we could also provide a superior leather to our customers by sourcing materials within the EU.

British Sneaker Design | British Trainers Designers

Design. Unlike many of our competitors, we didn’t replicate the current sneaker models, we added our own twist on this classic silhouette, by incorporating unique details into each of our designs. Inspired by our British manufacturing roots, The Mellor and in fact our entire collection are inspired by key English inventors, manufacturers and designers throughout British history.

So, what makes The Mellor 'the best white sneaker for men', British design, superior comfort, unrivalled craftsmanship and a unique take on this classic silhouette. 

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