Behind the Scenes 28 - Making Shoes for Conscious Consumers



When we first started working on the GORAL brand there were many conversations had about what we wanted for the brand, the values we wanted to weave into it's DNA and the type of consumers we wanted to attract. 

A big part of this was a desire to stay true to our heritage, to make sure the values that made the manufacturing side of the business, Goral & Son, a go-to for quality and consistency were still present in the next stage of the business's history.

We wanted to make shoes for the consumer with a more considerate approach, for people who understand that well made shoes are an investment. This drove us to develop a range of shoes that we could be confident would last, made from better materials with superior construction and no cutting corners. 

This was also the driving force behind us developing our unique blake stitch construction, a first in the world of trainers that allows us to resole our shoes time and time again without compromising the integrity of the shoe.

As an independent brand we understand that the issue of fast fashion isn't ours to solve, there's only so much we can do, but we hope by giving consumers an alternative, a way of using their buying power to show that they want to see a change, we can put pressure on some of the bigger names in the industry to reconsider their practices.