Caring For Your Gorals

We source and use the finest leathers and suedes for GORAL footwear. Organic materials like leather and suede can degrade over time if they aren’t properly protected from the elements. Before wearing your new GORAL’s, we advise treating them with the Spahir Sneaker Protector or similar products, but be advised that some stronger solutions can weaken the integrity of the materials and cause them to degrade.


To remove dirt and dust from the suede upper, take a high-quality fibre brush and slowly sweep the debris from the material - making sure to follow the direction of the grain where possible. Lightly brushing the suede on a regular basis will help preserve the quality of the suede and keep your GORAL footwear looking clean. 


To keep the leather in the best condition we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth and our Soft Cleaner. Rub the material carefully to remove dust, dirt and the appearance of small marks. Once the product is cleaned, dry with a microfibre cloth. It is important to avoid using a harsh chemical to keep the leather strong and prevent cracking.

Take best care of your suede with our Leather Care Pack

Rubber Soles:

To keep the soles clean and to avoid stains over time we advise cleaning the soles with a damp cloth using warm water and low-chemical soap or cleaning product. Avoid the upper shoe when cleaning the sole. Remove dirt and debris from the sole on a regular basis and avoid any strong or industrial chemicals as they can weaken the rubber.

When not being worn, it is good practice to keep your footwear in the GORAL dust bag provided.