Here at GORAL we pride ourselves on the quality of our craft, we put extra time and attention into making sure each pair is designed to stand the test of time. Every time we develop a new style we test wear the shoes during the development phase, this allows us to see where the stress points of the shoe are and add extra stitching or reinforcement where needed.

With over 80 years in the industry we understand that quality materials result in quality products.To ensure all of our leathers and suedes meet our high standards we only work with a select number of tanneries from around Europe and the UK.

That being said not all damage is preventable. Overtime, due to exposure to the elements, stitching may weaken and adhesives may degrade. This is why every pair of GORAL shoes comes with a lifetime repair guarantee.



Although we take the greatest of care to ensure all of our shoes meet our standards manufacturing faults can still occur. If your shoes arrive with any signs of manufacturing faults or if any faults surface without significant wear we will repair or replace the shoes. To do this we must be able to review the shoes first to confirm that the issue is due to a manufacturing fault, once we have done so we will proceed, with the repair/replacement likely to be free of charge.

Should issues occur with your shoes that aren’t due to manufacturing faults we will still do what we can to fix the shoes but a small charge may be necessary. All costs for these repairs are communicated and agreed upon before any work takes place.



Each repair is quoted on a case by case basis but we will always carry out any work for as little cost as possible. We will always communicate costs before undertaking any repairs and require explicit consent and confirmation before proceeding.

Though we try our best to accommodate any repair requests, some items may be beyond saving. In these cases we will return the shoes and suggest purchasing a replacement pair.



Inevitably over time the soles of your shoes may wear down or become discouloured - in this case we offer our resoling service, REBUILD+, at a set price of £70. This process includes resoling, relasting and refurbishing the shoes.

Thanks to our unique Blake Stitch construction process and the care taken in crafting GORAL shoes, our craftsmen are able to remove the insole and unstitch the outsole from the upper. We then place the upper back on it's last over night to rebuild the shape of the shoe before attaching a fresh outsole. Finally we replace the leather insole and a fresh pair of cotton laces are inserted. The footwear is then shipped back to you directly from our workshop.

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To find out how we can help simply reach out to us at and we’ll let you know how to get the ball rolling.



For all paid repairs, free repairs outside of the UK and our REBUILD+ service the responsibility falls on the customer to return the shoes to the Goral & Son workshop. To ensure a safe delivery we recommend using a ‘Tracked’ or ‘Signed For’ Delivery option with a reputable courier. Any issues with delivery to the workshop are the responsibility of the customer and while we’ll do what we can to help we cannot be held accountable.

Once repaired we will arrange delivery of the shoes to your requested address, this is free within the UK but international shipments may require a contribution - this can be worked out and communicated prior to the shoes being returned to the workshop to avoid any unexpected costs.



Most repairs will take 10-15 working days but this can’t be guaranteed.

Based on the information you provide we will always try to provide an accurate timeframe for the shoes to be repaired prior to receiving them at the workshop. While we will always try to work to this timeframe, this is always subject to change once we get our hands on the shoes and can fully work out what work is needed. 

Throughout the process we will maintain communication and alert you should we need more time to work on the shoes.