All of our shoes are built to last, and with the right care and attention they will last a lifetime. That being said nothing is immune to wear and tear so if you feel your GORAL shoes could do with a little restoration we offer a rebuild service in which our craftsmen reshape and re-sole your shoes.

Upon arrival at the factory our craftsmen inspect the shoes for any additional wear and tear The next step is to remove the insole and unstitch the outsole from the upper. Then we completely re-last the shoe by hand and leave the shoes on their original last overnight (restoring the shape and fit). We then fit a completely new outsole of your choosing, replace the leather insole and insert a fresh pair of cotton laces. The shoes are then shipped back to you directly from the factory.

Once purchasing and receiving your order confirmation email please download our REBUILD CONFIRMATION FORM to include when sending the shoes.

  • Repairs take 10-15 working days
    (excluding factory holidays)
  • Complete outsole replacement
    (or a choice of Black, White or Gum)
  • Hand re-lasting to assure the shoe is not damaged
  • New insoles and laces

In some cases, upon inspection, some shoes may not be suitable for the rebuild service. In this case we will return the shoes in their received condition and refund the payment. Please be aware we only offer this service for GORAL shoes that have not been repaired or modified in any way by a third party. We cannot perform a re-sole on either of our discontinued runners, The Huntsman or The Roebuck.

Upon receiving your confirmation email please arrange delivery of the shoes to The Goral Factory (we advise choosing a tracked and insured delivery option). They will be shipped back to you after the repair via UPS.

Goral & Son Ltd,
35 Spital Hill,
United Kingdom

S4 7LD


As a longstanding private label manufacturer, we’ve had an insight to the fashion industry from the ground up.  With over the 80 years of history, we’ve manufactured for a range of high-end fashion brands. This was our bread and butter, but we wanted to change this and come directly to you.

Our mission here is simple, provide you with the highest quality product at an accessible price point, using the highest quality materials that are sourced locally to support British businesses. We charge a fair price that reflects the quality and craftsmanship of the product you've purchased.



Do you know why some brands charge inflated prices? It’s because of all steps between the factory (us) and the final consumer (you) – the manufacturer, brand, agent, distributor, retailers all add to the final price, and you pay the cost. In our model it’s only us and you.

Over-consumption is one of the biggest threats within the fashion industry. We don’t think this is right. It’s not good for the environment, this is why when you buy our product it will last you a lifetime and if it doesn’t we offer a rebuild service. All of our products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen generation and generations. We’ve got 2nd generation craftsmen with, following their parents footsteps as a shoemaker, a true family business.

Each pair of Goral shoes are made using traditional handcrafting methods in a lengthy process that takes more than 200 steps to complete.

With a combined total of over 100 years experience in shoemaking, our Master Craftsmen have perfected their approach, resulting in high-quality footwear time after time.

Pattern Cutting

 In the first stage of the process, the design is drawn on to a custom last (a heavy block in the shape of a human foot) the design is then broken down into its individual components and used to create a flat pattern to be overlaid onto the leather as a cutting guide.



 A ‘clicker’ uses the flat patterns from the previous stage to create each individual piece needed to make the ‘upper’ of the shoe. A sharp eye and a steady hand are needed in this stage to ensure a smooth clean cut.


The individual pieces of leather are then trimmed in a process called ‘skiving’ and assembled in the ‘closing room’ by our highly skilled machinists. Each style of shoe requires a unique approach with some of the more complex varieties being made from over 40 pieces. Once the upper is complete the shoes are then ready to be lasted.



The lasting stage is where the leather upper is shaped and sealed to the sole of the shoe. The last used in the pattern cutting process is reinserted into the shoe and used to create the desired shape by carefully stretching the leather around its base. The shaped upper is then attached to the sole of the shoe with a glueing and stitching process.


Shoe Room

In the final stage, the shoes are checked and signed off by our quality control specialists to make sure they meet our high standards. They are then cleaned and polished to make sure they are in pristine condition, laced up and carefully placed inside packaging ready to be dispatched from the factory.



We use trusted courier service UPS, who offer 1-2 working day delivery if ordered before 12 PM, any orders after that will be shipped the next day.

UK: 1-2 Working Days (Free)
Europe: 2-3 Working Days (Free)
Rest of The World: 3-6 Working Days (Free)

If you are ordering from outside of the European Union you may be liable to pay required duties. Goral is not liable for any import tax or duty charges issued by your country's national import office.

Import taxes vary from country to country, if you require further information regarding this then please contact your local customs office. 

Please allow up to 7 working days for your shoes to arrive. If you need further help please contact us on  customerservices@goral-shoes.co.uk.

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