With the right care and attention your GORAL shoes and trainers will last a lifetime. If you feel that your GORAL footwear could do with a little restoration, we offer our REBUILD+ service where our craftsmen reshape and re-sole your shoes and trainers.

Due to our unique Blake Stitch construction process and the care taken in crafting GORAL shoes, our craftsmen are able to remove the insole and unstitch the outsole from the upper. The REBUILD+ uses an outsole of your choosing, then we replace the leather insole and a fresh pair of cotton laces inserted. The footwear is then shipped back to you directly from our workshop.

Once the REBUILD+ service has been purchased and you have received your order confirmation email, please download our REBUILD+ Confirmation Form to include with the footwear when sending to us.

  • Repairs take 10-15 working days 
    (excluding workshop holidays)
  • Complete outsole replacement 
    (or a choice of Black, White or Gum)
  • REBUILD+ service is completed by hand to ensure that footwear is not damaged

In some cases, upon inspection, footwear may not be suitable for the REBUILD+ service. In this case we will return the footwear in their received condition and refund the payment. Please be aware we only offer this service for GORAL footwear that has not been repaired or modified in any way by a third party. We cannot perform a re-sole on either of our discontinued runners, The Huntsman or The Roebuck.

Upon receiving your confirmation email please arrange delivery of the footwear to The Goral Workshop (we advise choosing a tracked and insured delivery option). They will be shipped back to you after the repair via UPS.

35 Spital Hill,
United Kingdom
S4 7LD




The heritage of GORAL ensures that each pair of shoes and trainers uses premium materials.

Our traditional method of crafting footwear is the same as it was over 80 years ago. The last pair of hands which touches the footwear before the customer, is the craftsmen who made the footwear. Aside from being handcrafted, each item is quality checked by the GORAL craftsmen.


Each pair of Goral shoes are made using traditional handcrafting methods in a lengthy process that takes more than 200 steps to complete.

With a combined total of over 1000 years experience in shoemaking, our Master Craftsmen have perfected their approach, resulting in high-quality footwear time after time.



We always go one step further, continuous improvement over the last 80 years resulted in only the best components being used in our shoes. This goes from 30’ thread on the tongue row, to the upper material and inter components which aren’t visible with your eyes.  All these play a key part to the comfortability which you will see after only few weeks.

This is what makes our trainers stand out from the crowd, there are no cut corners in our production process.

The other good thing is, most of these components are sourced locally supporting the British industry, from Charles F Steads renowned tannery in Leeds to FSC certified packaging in Northampton.

By working with tanneries in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy) and the UK (Leeds, Yeovil) we reduce the amount of travel time involved in each pair of shoes. We also source our shoe boxes and packaging from Northampton for the same reason.


UK manufacturing has long been recognised as a sign of superior craftsmanship. The GORAL factory strives to maintain that reputation by putting quality first.

All of our production happens on UK soil, no importing, no outsourcing. This means we can guarantee that we meet the standard that is expected of 'Made in England' products.


Born out of a small workshop, the Goral name has been associated with shoemaking for over 80 years. Now in 2020 the factory still maintains some of the practices and traditions from the early years. Our craftsmen always comes first, happy craftsmen result in an environment where everyone takes pride in their craft.

Our team is made up of over 40 craftsmen, with some of them having been with us for over 35 years. This has created a family environment with generations of the same families dedicating to craft at our factory.

Shoemaking runs in our blood. This is how we grew up; crafting quality shoes for the world.


Over-consumption is one of the biggest threats within the fashion industry. We don’t think this is right. It’s not good for the environment, this is why we design our shoes to last and offer a rebuild+ service so they never have to be thrown away.

Waste isn't the only issue the industry faces, pollution is also caused by products travelling half way around the world before reaching the customer, as well as sourcing all of our materials and packaging as locally as possible we've also invested in carbon offsetting delivery to reduce our footprint when sending our shoes to you. 

We use UPS for 1-2 working day delivery service, if ordered before 12 noon.  Any orders placed after that will be shipped the next day.

UK: 1-2 Working Days (Free)
Europe: 2-3 Working Days (Free)
Rest of The World: 3-6 Working Days (Free)

If you are ordering from outside of the European Union you may be liable to pay required duties. GORAL is not liable for any import tax or duty charges issued by your country's national import office.

Import taxes vary from country to country, if you require further information regarding this then please contact your local customs office. 

Please allow up to 7 working days for your shoes to arrive. If you need further help please contact us on