Hitting the streets of Kelham Island in the Maryam TPR collection.

The shoes from our Maryam TPR collection look great on foot and we wanted to get some photos to really show off the leather in all it's beauty, so we hit the streets of Kelham Island and visited some of our favourite spots for drinks, food and things to do.
goral mellor maryam kelham gaard coffee sheffield
First stop Gaard, a great cafe based just round the corner from us and the perfect spot to start with coffee before we head out.
goral stanley maryam ball street bridge kelham sheffield
goral stanley maryam little kelham sheffield
Then to Ball Street bridge, looking over the River Don in all it's glory, heading through Little Kelham, specifically Domo, home of some of the best seafood dishes in Sheffield. (We'd highly recommend the Cassola zu raffelu)
goral stanley maryam domo restaraunt kelham sheffield
goral stanley maryam the grind cafe kelham sheffield
Next, The Grind Cafe for dessert, thick fluffy pancakes with toppings in abundance, and more coffee of course.
goral mellor maryam the riverside kelham sheffield
Round the corner once again to The Riverside for something to wash everything down with before heading to Yellow Arch Studios to put our feet up in the courtyard.

goral mellor maryam yellow arch studios kelham sheffield

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