Behind the Scenes 18 - What Does Black Friday Look Like for a Made to Order Business?


What does black friday look like for GORAL?

Short answer? It looks like most other days of the year.

Why? Black Friday is all about clearing out unsold stock to prepare for a new business year but we operate on a completely Made to Order basis, all orders from retailers and customers are made as and when they come in, meaning we never have stock that needs selling at the end of the year. We do this to make launching new products as sustainable as possible. It means we can have samples made up, pick the ones we like and them have photographed and ready to sell with no need to commit to making a minimum number of units, minimising waste and removing the need to have hundreds of shoes in a warehouse waiting to be sold.

How is this possible? In house production. Making all of our shoes in our own factory means we can have a pair made up and sent out within a week negating the need to have any stock. This gives us a lot more freedom and flexibility, and also means when you buy a pair of GORAL from our website they're made specifically for you.