Behind the Scenes 19 - Making a Switch to Renewable Energy Sources


A lot of what we do at GORAL is about minimising waste, from making footwear that lasts for years not months to lowering our carbon footprint by reducing the distance our shoes travel before reaching you. Our efforts to make our operation more friendly for the environment don't just end there, we're constantly looking for new ways to lessen our negative impact on the planet.

That's why we've recently made the decision to work with Leeds based company Planet-U to transition our workshop to using renewable energy. 

"Our mission is to make renewable energy totally transparent, so that every company can act today, for a more sustainable tomorrow. We want to make renewable energy easier for companies to access than ever before. It’s a big vision. But one we are not afraid of."

This and other changes in the way we work mean we can sleep easy knowing our success as a business does not come at the cost of the planet that makes it all possible.