Behind the Scenes 7 - Keeping our team safe from COVID-19

Here at GORAL we always put our staff first, they’re the backbone of our business and without them the workshop and the GORAL brand would not exist. Whilst production continues during these unprecedented times, we are continuing to put extra time and effort into making sure cleanliness and hygiene are prioritised to ensure a safe, risk free work environment.

Since reopening in June we have had regular temperature checks, a one way system in place, sanitising stations dotted around the premises, a strict self-isolation policy in place as well as other rules and restrictions to make sure we operate safely and in a way that means our staff feel comfortable coming in to work. Last week we had a visit from Health & Safety England to advise on how to implement the new guidelines and we have made some adjustments accordingly. 

As we see cases rising once again and new government guidance being rolled out we're adjusting how we operate to adhere to this. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 policy feel free to contact us at