Name: Jakub

Age:  41

Factory Role: Sidewall Stitch Operative

Years at Goral: 3 years

What does a day in the life of a Sidewall Stitch Operative look like?

As well as being a Sidewall Stitch Operative I’m also responsible for keeping the stitching machines in working order, to do this I check each machine before they’re used to make sure there’s nothing that could potentially cause them to jam. After making sure they are all ready to go I fire up my own machine and start on my day’s orders, this can be anywhere from 100-150 pairs in a day. When my day is complete I clean down all the stitching machines making sure no debris is left behind.

How did you get into shoemaking?

I’ve known Dom for a while and when I was looking for a new job he suggested coming and working at the factory. I took to it straight away and I’ve never looked back since.

What are your favourite style of Gorals?

The Bessemer, the punching details and overlay give it a bit of a retro feel (especially in white) which I really like from a pair of trainers.

What are your passions outside of work?

I bought a 3D printer last year and have been learning how to make different things on youtube. Most recently I made a self watering plant pot. I also watch a lot of sci-fi and horror films and tv shows on Netflix.

Tell us something about yourself that people wouldn’t expect?

I learnt how to breakdance when I was younger and still bust out a few old moves at family gatherings.