Monthly Roundup - August


Hey, Dom here,

I wanted to start doing a monthly round up of what’s gone on here in the past month and what we’re working on this month, a quick overview for anyone who wants to stay up to date on all things GORAL.

So here goes!


August has been a difficult month for the workshop, most of our suppliers went into shutdown for a week or two, this combined with covid absences and brexit delays meant our supply chain was temporarily sent into meltdown.

We’ve managed to muddle through and most things are back to normal but we’re struggling to get our hands on some more black chromexcel, so if you’ve had your eyes on The Mellor II - Horween Black I’d suggest grabbing them now in case we have any issues keeping them in stock.

New this month…

Our REPURPOSED collection, a way of using up left-over materials that are sitting at the warehouse by doing limited runs of new colourways. We kicked this off with some pebbled leather Mellor’s and suede Boulsover’s with more to come.

And ‘Will it Shoe?’ our Youtube series where we look at making our shoes out of weird and wonderful materials, mainly as a bit of fun but also as a way to explore new materials whilst giving people a look into the crafting process - check out the first three episodes on our Youtube channel.

What’s next?

Well this month we’re collaborating with our friends at Cheaney again to release some new colourways of The Mellor and Boulsover, these will be stocked in a selection of Cheaney stores so if you want to see them in the flesh before buying without having to visit us in Sheffield, you’re in luck.

We’ve also been working on something special, our first Boot, a classic derby boot made from Horween’s chromexcel with a studded rubber sole and puritan stitch on the quarter, we’re still deciding between a few different samples but it’s looking really nice so far.

That’s it for August, I’ll be back with another update in a month (or so… things can get busy here but I’ll try my best) but if you need anything in the meantime just drop us a message.

Speak soon,

Dom (4th Generation)