The New Hybrid Trainer Collection is Live - Featuring Our New Blake Stitch Construction

GORAL introduces the Blake Stitch to create an industry-first re-solable trainer for its latest Hybrid Trainer Collection.

Today we launch the Hybrid Trainer Collection, which introduces a palette of time-less colours; our craftsmen have deconstructed several classic shoes to create the GORAL Hybrid Trainers collection.



Looking after the environment


With sustainability a key issue across the clothing and footwear industry, GORAL seeks to contribute positivity towards the environment where possible. Aside from sourcing materials and packaging as locally as possible, offsetting carbon emissions from deliveries to customers – we work to help reduce over-consumption through our REBUILD+ service – this way GORAL footwear never has to be thrown away.


Re-sole your GORAL trainers

Trainers which are loved as much as GORAL’s need care and attention to ensure a long life. As an industry leader our craftsmen have developed a unique process to enable GORAL trainers to be re-soled.

e use a traditional construction method used by the finest Italian shoe makers, to develop the world’s first Blake Stitch trainer.  The  the upper is stitched into the leather lasting board from the inside of the shoe.

To ensure ultimate comfort in GORAL trainers, our craftsmen use a full leather lasting board, rather than a cardboard fibre lasting board, as it is more resistant to sweat and water.  GORAL also uses a unique new sole which makes the shoe more compatible with a Blake Stitch and helps with absorption and breathability preventing sweat damage over time.

To ensure the trainer has maximum flexibility and durability, GORAL’s craftsmen use unlined suedes and leather for the upper which mold to feet over time.


Ultimate fully- sustainable premier quality trainers

Using the Blake Stitch, GORAL craftsmen have developed a unique method to attach the sole to the trainer upper making a full resole possible. This new method is an industry first for trainers. With over 300 million trainers ending up in landfill sites every year and taking 40 years to decompose – GORAL is delighted to be leading the way in creating the ultimate fully- sustainable premier quality trainers.