We'd like you to meet The Sharman

Our latest creation and the next step for the GORAL brand, the Sharman, epitomises our passion for crafting exceptional footwear. This boot encapsulates everything we hold dear: quality, craftsmanship, and a design that's timeless yet versatile.


To achieve the perfect blend of rugged durability and comfort, we embarked on a meticulous journey of design, feedback, and innovation. Like all GORAL footwear, the Sharman features our signature resoleable construction. But, we wanted to infuse it with a unique twist, to do this we incorporated a rubber cupsole to deliver flexibility and comfort typically reserved for trainers. Now, you can embrace a boot that has the same level of comfort as our other shoes while retaining all the hard wearing qualities you'd expect.

Our design process was heavily influenced by your feedback. We reached out to our customers, and their responses resonated deeply. You wanted simplicity and timelessness, akin to our celebrated trainers. You craved comfort beyond the norm, a boot you could wear all day with ease. And, of course, you demanded nothing short of high-quality craftsmanship, mirroring the exceptional components and materials present in our existing range.


The Sharman proudly stands as the outcome of these collective wishes. Handcrafted with a puritan-stitched upper, stitch and turn folded edges, and an assortment of premium materials and components, it reflects the art of traditional shoemaking. The minimalist design showcases a stripped-back silhouette, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for various looks and occasions. The Sharman is poised to be more than a boot; it's an embodiment of GORAL's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, offering a robust companion for all your life's adventures.