Horween Chromexcel Rough Out: COMING SOON

The Stanley and Mellor II in Chromexcel Rough Out

As we gear up for an exciting new product launch, we want to give you an early taste of what's coming. At GORAL, we hold our partnerships dear, and one of our most cherished collaborations is with Horween Leather Company. Since 1905, this legendary tannery has been a cornerstone of American craftsmanship, and we're thrilled to share the spotlight with them.

Our connection with Horween has allowed us to access some remarkable materials. With the upcoming release of Horween Chromexcel Rough Out leather shoes, we're taking that partnership to the next level.

Chromexcel leather, a true testament to the art of tanning, carries nearly a century of history within its grains. This special tanning process intertwines age-old techniques with modern innovations, birthing a leather that's not only strikingly beautiful but also incredibly tough.


One thing that makes Chromexcel stand out is its luxurious, lustrous surface. It ages gracefully, gaining a unique patina that narrates your adventures. By turning this leather inside out, we expose its rough, textured underside. This gives rise to a distinctive visual and tactile experience, bridging the gap between rugged and refined.

Our skilled artisans have taken the Chromexcel Rough Out leather and crafted it into our Stanley and Mellor II trainers. These are more than just footwear; they're a symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality and tradition. The raw, unprocessed character of rough out leather appeals to those who admire the beauty of untouched materials.

While Chromexcel Rough Out leather is undoubtedly an aesthetic marvel, it's also a performance powerhouse. Its unique texture is a double blessing. Visually, it makes a statement in any setting, and the textured surface excels at concealing marks and scars.

Going live on 25/10/23 with limited quantities available, sign up below to make sure you get a chance to get hold of this new take on two of our most popular styles.

And here's another sneak peek for all the Chromexcel enthusiasts out there: Forest Green Chromexcel, a favourite from our MUGGS collaboration with Rose Anvil, will soon grace The Stanley and Mellor II styles. Keep your eyes peeled for these soon-to-be classics.