When we launched our Will it Shoe? series on Youtube it started out as a fun way to test our skills and experiment with new materials but as time went on we’ve had more and more requests to offer it as a service.

So here it is, our GORAL REWORK service allows you to make your own pair of shoes from just about anything, allowing people to send in their own materials and get their hands on a 1 of 1 custom pair of our Mellor trainers.

After you make an order we’ll reach out to you to begin the process, working with you to design the shoe, allowing you to choose the lace, eyelet and sole colour to match your chosen material.

With GORAL REWORK you’ll also have a chance to have your creation featured on the series where we’ll show off the full process behind making them and have Sam talk about how they got on.

Please be aware that not all materials will be viable, we will reach out to discuss the viability of your material before confirming your order and some materials may be rejected. REWORK shoes are not subject to returns, refunds or exchanges. We will not be able to guarantee the quality or durability of your chosen material and therefore REWORK shoes are not covered by our lifetime guarantee, they can however, be sent in for our REBUILD+ service (subject to viability).

REWORK orders may take longer than 10 working days to fulfill, we will give you an ETA once we have the materials and the order is confirmed.




The heritage of GORAL ensures that each pair of shoes and trainers uses premium materials.

Our traditional method of crafting footwear is the same as it was over 80 years ago. The last pair of hands which touches the footwear before the customer, is the craftsmen who made the footwear. Aside from being handcrafted, each item is quality checked by the GORAL craftsmen.