Meet The Makers: Kamila, QC & Production




Meet Kamila, Bogdan’s daughter and part of the 4th generation to work for Goral & Son. As with her brother Dominik, Kamila decided to follow in the family footsteps by working in the factory after growing up around shoemaking and the business. After finishing her A-levels at 18 she started working for the company in reception taking calls, handling deliveries and processing orders. During this time Bogdan trained her up on each stage of the production process so she had hands-on experience to prepare her for taking on more responsibility and eventually stepping into a role as part of the production team.

As time went on she learnt more about the production process and moved on from working in reception, moving to spend most of her time in the stitching and finishing room. Now she works as part of the production management team, responsible for quality control, spotting any issues with the shoes and then working out at what stage of the process they’ve happened.

“I’m lucky that not only did I get to grow up around shoemaking but it’s something I find genuinely interesting, every day offers up a different challenge and the spontaneity keeps me on my toes. The family side of things makes it fulfilling too, knowing I’m working to build the reputation of my family name, continuing the legacy of my grandparents and great-grandparents.”