The Company: Kaps

Kaps, a company based in the village of Halickie, Poland employing over 150 members of staff, produces a number of footwear related products. Starting in 1994 the company primarily focused on laces and insoles until branching out into shoe care products and other shoemaking components.


The Product: Laces made from a mix of cotton and recycled polyester sourced from India dyed with pigments from Switzerland. 


The Process: The cotton and polyester threads are first dyed and then passed through a series of braiding machines to create the laces, these are all overseen by members of the team. The braid is then cut into sections and aglets are added to either end to stop the braid coming undone.


Sustainability: Kaps already use recycled polyester in all of their laces and offer sustainable versions of some of their most popular products, such as insoles made of coconut fibers.

We use Kaps laces across our full range of shoes - see them here