The Early Days

In 1936 the Goral family began handcrafting footwear out of a small workshop near the family home in Poland. The whole family, including the children, worked on the manufacture and distribution of these early Goral shoes. This commitment and hard work allowed the business to steadily grow.
To keep up as the demand increased, more skilled craftsmen were employed – and what was a small workshop then became a well-established factory. This factory was to be passed on through generations of the Goral family.

The Move

After a tough period for the business, Bogdan Goral (3rd Generation) made the decision to move the factory to the UK with the hope of upscaling and attracting new trade.

A suitable factory was found in Sheffield. The city appealed to the family due to its history and reputation of manufacturing high-quality goods.

The whole of the family made the move, started their lives in Sheffield and began a new chapter of the Goral story.

The Present

The move to Sheffield was a success and allowed the business to start growing again. Last year the operation moved to a much larger factory in the heart of one of Sheffield’s many industrial districts.

The decision was then made to create a Goral factory brand to design shoes and trainers using the knowledge of our master craftsmen and the time-honoured techniques they employ, in new and innovative ways.