Continue our heritage of high-end craftsmanship, since 1936 – in creating the most comfortable shoes in the world.

Our mission here is simple, provide you with the highest quality product at an accessible price point, using the best materials that are sourced locally to support local industry. We charge a fair price that reflects the quality and craftsmanship of the product you’ve purchased.

Every pair of GORAL shoes are crafted in our family owned factory in Sheffield, UK. We take a 'start to finish' approach to our craft meaning every step of the process, from design to quality control, happens under one roof - with the final result shipping direct from us, to you.


As a longstanding private label manufacturer, we’ve had an insight to the fashion industry from the ground up.  With over the 80 years of history, we’ve manufactured for a range of high-end fashion brands. This was our bread and butter, but we wanted to change this and come directly to you.

Do you know why some brands charge inflated prices? It’s because of all the steps between the factory (us) and the final consumer (you) – the manufacturer, brand, agent, distributor, retailers all add to the final price, and you pay the cost. In our model it’s only us and you.