Behind the Scenes 24 - Why Quality Matters: A 6 Month Comparison


We decided to put our construction through it's paces to see how it faired against a run of the mill trainer construction. ⁠

After 6 months of wear we opened up two pairs of shoes in the same way we would in preparation for a resole.⁠

On the left a trainer with a cardboard lasting board attached to the upper using adhesives with no filling between the lasting board and the outsole.⁠

On the right our trainer with a full leather lasting board attached to the upper using a partial blake stitch with an absorbent felt filling.⁠

The difference in durability is clear, with the run of the mill trainer already in need of a lasting board replacement, a process in which the board is removed, requiring the shoe to be lasted again, undoing the breaking in process and making a resole a much lengthier undertaking. ⁠

Our shoe, with it's blake stitch and higher quality components, shows some wear and tear but is not in need of any work. If a resole was required it would be a simple case of removing the sidewall stitch and replacing the sole, no lasting necessary.⁠

The choices we make make our shoes more durable and easy to maintain. This is why we believe in better materials, better components and better craftsmanship.⁠

T H E   G O R A L   B L A K E   S T I T C H