Behind the Scenes 25 - Creating a Transparent and Traceable Supply Chain



This week we've been reaching out to our suppliers, for everything from the leather and suede we use to the thread and eyelets, asking them a series of questions to give us an idea of how they operate their business and the raw materials they use in their products. We're doing this so we can get a better picture of who we're working with and what goes into our shoes, and if necessary, make changes to make sure we're working towards a offering a more sustainable offering.

We're asking about how they operate as a business, what they do to create a healthy work environment for their staff and what they're doing to become more sustainable. This means asking tough questions and holding our suppliers to account, and potentially rethinking what materials and components we use in our shoes, but we feel this is a step every business, particularly those in the fashion industry, need to take to ensure we're reducing the environmental and social impact that comes attached to our products.