Behind the Scenes 30 - Coming Soon: GORAL REPURPOSED



The Goral & Son workshop, The home of GORAL, manufactures for a number of other footwear and clothing brands, due to this we’ve built up a supply of leftover leather and other materials, sometimes we can use this for other orders but often they end up sat in our warehouse collecting dust until we can make use of them.

This is why we’re working on launching GORAL REPURPOSED, a way for us to use these excess materials to create limited runs of our most popular styles that we can offer at a much lower price point.

This allows us to use up this left over material, releasing a selection of new colours and materials each month whilst also offering our customers a chance a getting their hands on a pair of handcrafted blake-stitch shoes for a fraction of the price. These releases will be made to order but limited to the amount of material we have available, once they're gone it's unlikely they'll return so if you see something you like we'd advise acting fast to avoid any disappointment.

GORAL REPURPOSED will be launching some time next month so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list on our homepage for updates.