Behind the Scenes 12 - CHARLES F STEAD - Working with a World Renowned Tannery


One of our main goals for our 2020 collection was improving the quality of our shoes to make sure they're a worthwhile investment. A lot of time was put into improving the construction of our shoes but we also wanted to make sure the materials we used lived up to the same expectations.


That's why we decided to source leather and suede from the world renowned Leeds based tannery, Charles F Stead, which is based only a short drive from our factory in Sheffield.



The tannery works with the most luxurious shoe brands in the world - the quality and softness is felt in every touch. We use a selection of young calf skin with a sumptuous silky suede side and a natural full grain, aniline reverse. Primarily intended as a suede, the grain side is used as a trim. The handle of Janus is a touch firmer than soft.